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Delicious Breakfast & Lunch

A Central Oregon staple since 1994, we've been serving real food that is simple and delicious ever since! Now have three locations in Bend and the newest one, in Redmond, check out our tasty menu and find a store nearest you.

About Us

Our Story

We love Central Oregon for the same reasons our friends and customers do—the amazing opportunities to play outside. Whether you ski, snowboard, run, bike, hike, climb, kayak, or anything else there is nothing better to fuel your adventure than a bagel. Since opening our first store we have grown along with our community and now have... Read More

Store Locations:

Menu Overview


⚬ Plain ⚬ Wheat ⚬ 3 Cheese

⚬ Jalapeño Cheddar ⚬ Bacon Cheddar

⚬ Sundried Tomato ⚬ Sourdough

⚬ Rosemary  ⚬ Garlic & Herb

⚬ Cinnamon Raisin ⚬ Blueberry 

⚬ Chocolate Chip ⚬ Salt ⚬ 9 Grain

⚬ Onion ⚬ Sesame ⚬ Poppy ⚬ Everything

⚬ Everything Wheat ⚬ Seasonal Bagel

⚬ Udi's Gluten Free

Cream Cheese

⚬ Plain

⚬  Lite ⚬ Veggie

⚬  Garlic & Herb ⚬  Lox & Chives  

⚬  Vanilla  

⚬  3 Pepper  

⚬  Cinnamon Honey 

⚬  Toffutti (Vegan)


Eye Opener                       4.95

Bagel + Egg + Bacon or Sausage or Ham + Cheese

Tomato Eye Opener          4.15

Bagel + Egg + Tomato + Cheese

Eye No Egg                       4.15

Bagel + Bacon or Sausage or Ham + Cheese

Egg & Cheese                    3.95

Bagel + Egg + Cheese

**View complete menu for Lunch options**

Breakfast Only*